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I´ve been quite busy lately gearing up my fury warrior. great fun overall, apart from the pug situation on the server. I don’t know if its like that everywhere but here on this one you happen to end up with some… hmm how could I say… not the best groups (not always but quite a lot of times).

you can find all sorts of players, here is a little list of what I encountered:

  1. The great geared ones who really don’t care if the tank gets aggro or not, they just pile in start dpsing like crazy, next thing you see is BAM BAM BAM death. The only thing you can see in party chat is “HEALER!!! omg”. thats where i think come on give the tank a sec to pick them up and you wont die, just because of your gear you’re not indestructible.
  2. The needy ones. if its plate cloth or leather, with attack power or spellpower they don’t care they just need on everything. you could think oh well it might be for offspec but no, ive seen deathknights dpsing in spellpower plate or cloth. rogues using crafted 264 spellpower leather. i can see the thoughts behind that tough maybe poisons do more damage who knows….
  3. The i know everything better ones. if you’re in a raid or heroic there is always one who knows it better isn’t there? someone is explaining tactics and everything you see on party chat is :”no no no no, it works in a different way, you’re all wrong…” it might help for a few bosses but come on there is no need for an essay before every boss trying to convince the group how little they know and how wrong they are.
  4. The go goers. healers manaing up tanks waiting for cooldowns or someone being brb happens in dungeons and raids, but you always end up with someone continuously shouting :” go  go go go go go go”. come on give people a break it wont speed it up if you constantly mash your 2 buttons G and O.
  5. The impressed ones. getting a whisper from someone telling you that your gear looks good is great, but to be honest it kinda gets annoying when they start linking you in whispers your own gear and then saying:”oh that’s a shiny piece of gear very nice” after the 10th link it kinda gets annoying but even worse is if you do reply to them whispers, you can start explaining where to get each single piece and why you choose it over a different one. all that during a boss fight where you’re trying to stick with your rotation, stay out of fires and watch your aggro. come on im not a woman, its biological impossible for me to multitask.
  6. The story tellers. did it ever happen to you that you got into a dungeon or raid and you had someone in the group who was remembering the “good old days”?. it happened to me once and that was more than enough, this guy was telling everyone in the group how many times he did that dungeon with wich groups, on wich bosses they wiped etc. and let me tell you this its impossible to shut them up, whatever you do they keep going and going.

if you have some more to add to the list feel free to leave a comment so we can extend the list of different players

have a good one and good luck


Let me ask you a question……

What the Hell is wrong with Hunters these days?

I don’t know if  it’s just me but i always end up with THE Hunter who isnt able to control his Auto-Shot (ill get to the pet in a minute dont worry….) You get into a Raid everyone slowly (very slowly for Pug´s these days) buffs up and starting to get ready, apart from the HUNTER. You can see him standing normally in front of the Raid facing the first mobs, puts up his Hunters Mark, pats his pet, throws an annoyed glance back to the Raid (where everyone is still sorting buffs, food etc etc) and all of a sudden……


Mobs all over the place…..

the buffed up Raid torn apart in pieces laying on the ground…..

and look who´s still up…..

The HUNTER   “sorry guys but thank god i have feign death”

Good for you that you’ve got feign death…… the rest of the Raid is dead thank you very much.

Mistakes and Errors can happen but it seems like that Auto-Shot is controlled by some weird extraterrestrial force, wich pulls off Auto-Shot without warning. And belive me E.T. is sitting in his spaceship floating in the Stratosphere, thinking: “here we go again…. wwwweeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

Then weve got Hunters Pets……

I know its wild animals, but i thought they are domesticated….

I believed they do what their Master tells them to do….


You might end up with Ruth the Eagle flying around “shhhhrieek.. shhhhrieek…” doing some great Trash pulls. Cuddles the Tiger going invisible “puurrr… purrr…“, pulling Bosses. But my all time favourite is Fluffy the Bear “RRRWAAARRR…. RRRWAAARRR…” taunting off the Tanks, and then having the HUNTER complaining why Fluffy didn’t get healed…….

I got the solution tough… every Raid Leader should get a Big Red Button on his Keyboard. Every time he clicks it the HUNTER gets chained to his chair, unable to move. His Character gets forced to face into the opposite direction of  any sort of Mobs or Critters…. And Fluffy, Cuddles or Ruth will end up on a silver plate garnished with some carrots, Potatoes,  Broccoli and some Sauce bordelaise, ready to give the Raid some Buffs.

Good Luck

These are a few Outtakes of some random moments we had as a Guild when raiding Naxx, months and months ago.

The Wanderer and his Healing Cornetto.

If you ask a Member of The Who Guild about the Explorer you will get an answer like this “Lol good old days……”

I wont make any names, as this isn’t ment as a Flame. This should be a reminder of the fun we had over the last years.

David Attenborough should watch out when encountering this Holy Priest. Known as the Wanderer, he used to get dragged away by his curiosity in the middle of raids and even during Boss fights. Well he went exploring while his Teammates where lying Faces down on the ground crying like little girls.

And here is a short sum up of what happened:

Silence on Teamspeak…               9 Raiders are trying their best to get the Boss down.

The only one who legged it is the Wanderer. (you could think, maybe he was scared. no no no here it is….)        “hmmm… guys? do you think you can run around Naxx? as it looks like there is a path that should lead you trough all the quarters…”


“no seriously…. there is a path going all around Naxx….”


Meanwhile the Raid is dead…. the only one still up is our Explorer.

“Guys?… why are you all dead?”

“Erm you ran off…. you’re a Healer…. you should stay here and heal… if you wanna play Indiana Jones go to the Sunken Temple….”

yet again Silence…..

The following answer entered into the annals of The Who Guild.

” i was just having a look….  i even set you up a Lightwell, so you could heal yourself if needed…. that would have kept you alive if you would have clicked it….”

(many of you might not know what this Lightwell is. basically its a Healing well Priests can set up and whoever clicks it gets healed for a certain amount. This thing looks like a very popular Ice-Cream)

And this is  how the Legend of the Wanderer and his Healing Cornetto was born.

Stay tuned…..

I guess everyone, who landed or stranded over this fresh and newborn Blog will know, that World of Warcraft plays a big role in our lives (well a bigger role for some then for others….)

And that’s where this Blog starts. My name is Tree and im the GM of a “raiding” guild on Bronze Dragonflight EU. As a guild we regularly raid trough the 10 man content, more or less successfully. Although we encounter some big problems when we reach the first packs of trash mobs (we are known for our spectacular trash wipes). The bigger issues tough come from the boss fights. Like in a lot of other guilds, every raider watches the youtube videos to have some sort of idea.

Dont get me wrong the videos are great and you can get a great impression of the fights and realize how tactics work in the “perfect and ideal” way. But we never seem to be able to do it in the “perfect youtubevideoway”.

On those videos you got some girls trying to explain fights, or on some others you got the Kermit the Frog impersonator, and on even others you got the tough nerd guy shouting into his mic while recording. I can even live with that but for GOD´s SAKE stop making it look and sound so bloody easy.

On every single raid night where we try some new content, we all go into the encounters pumped up and ready to kill (having the videos in mind and thinking :“This must be a pice of piss….. come on guys and girls let’s get the down…” but……… it always ends in tears and scratches. The Boss/Bosses is still up, dead bodies all over the floor, and on Teamspeak the only thing you can hear is :“Umm… hmm.. the video looked a lot easier….. THEY TRICKED US AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!”


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