These are a few Outtakes of some random moments we had as a Guild when raiding Naxx, months and months ago.

The Wanderer and his Healing Cornetto.

If you ask a Member of The Who Guild about the Explorer you will get an answer like this “Lol good old days……”

I wont make any names, as this isn’t ment as a Flame. This should be a reminder of the fun we had over the last years.

David Attenborough should watch out when encountering this Holy Priest. Known as the Wanderer, he used to get dragged away by his curiosity in the middle of raids and even during Boss fights. Well he went exploring while his Teammates where lying Faces down on the ground crying like little girls.

And here is a short sum up of what happened:

Silence on Teamspeak…               9 Raiders are trying their best to get the Boss down.

The only one who legged it is the Wanderer. (you could think, maybe he was scared. no no no here it is….)        “hmmm… guys? do you think you can run around Naxx? as it looks like there is a path that should lead you trough all the quarters…”


“no seriously…. there is a path going all around Naxx….”


Meanwhile the Raid is dead…. the only one still up is our Explorer.

“Guys?… why are you all dead?”

“Erm you ran off…. you’re a Healer…. you should stay here and heal… if you wanna play Indiana Jones go to the Sunken Temple….”

yet again Silence…..

The following answer entered into the annals of The Who Guild.

” i was just having a look….  i even set you up a Lightwell, so you could heal yourself if needed…. that would have kept you alive if you would have clicked it….”

(many of you might not know what this Lightwell is. basically its a Healing well Priests can set up and whoever clicks it gets healed for a certain amount. This thing looks like a very popular Ice-Cream)

And this is  how the Legend of the Wanderer and his Healing Cornetto was born.

Stay tuned…..