Let me ask you a question……

What the Hell is wrong with Hunters these days?

I don’t know if  it’s just me but i always end up with THE Hunter who isnt able to control his Auto-Shot (ill get to the pet in a minute dont worry….) You get into a Raid everyone slowly (very slowly for Pug´s these days) buffs up and starting to get ready, apart from the HUNTER. You can see him standing normally in front of the Raid facing the first mobs, puts up his Hunters Mark, pats his pet, throws an annoyed glance back to the Raid (where everyone is still sorting buffs, food etc etc) and all of a sudden……


Mobs all over the place…..

the buffed up Raid torn apart in pieces laying on the ground…..

and look who´s still up…..

The HUNTER   “sorry guys but thank god i have feign death”

Good for you that you’ve got feign death…… the rest of the Raid is dead thank you very much.

Mistakes and Errors can happen but it seems like that Auto-Shot is controlled by some weird extraterrestrial force, wich pulls off Auto-Shot without warning. And belive me E.T. is sitting in his spaceship floating in the Stratosphere, thinking: “here we go again…. wwwweeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

Then weve got Hunters Pets……

I know its wild animals, but i thought they are domesticated….

I believed they do what their Master tells them to do….


You might end up with Ruth the Eagle flying around “shhhhrieek.. shhhhrieek…” doing some great Trash pulls. Cuddles the Tiger going invisible “puurrr… purrr…“, pulling Bosses. But my all time favourite is Fluffy the Bear “RRRWAAARRR…. RRRWAAARRR…” taunting off the Tanks, and then having the HUNTER complaining why Fluffy didn’t get healed…….

I got the solution tough… every Raid Leader should get a Big Red Button on his Keyboard. Every time he clicks it the HUNTER gets chained to his chair, unable to move. His Character gets forced to face into the opposite direction of  any sort of Mobs or Critters…. And Fluffy, Cuddles or Ruth will end up on a silver plate garnished with some carrots, Potatoes,  Broccoli and some Sauce bordelaise, ready to give the Raid some Buffs.

Good Luck